'Jericho' To Be Revived By Netflix?

Digital Spy says

Netflix is in talks with CBS to revive cult drama Jericho.

The series - which starred Skeet Ulrich and Lennie James - followed the residents of the fictional town of Jericho, Kansas, as they struggle to survive in the aftermath of nuclear attacks on the US.

CBS originally axed the show in 2007 after one season, but later reversed their decision following a fan campaign. After a seven-part second run, Jericho was canceled once again due to low ratings.

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Crazay3383d ago

Please please please let this happen. CBS screwed the show and the fans. I want to see proper closure and answers to all the questions.

darklordzor3383d ago

God this would be awesome. I loved Jericho when it was on, and it was one of the few TV shows I watched on a regular basis (I just don't watch a lot of scripted shows honestly). The second season of it felt shorted and there were tons of gaps I wanted filled. I revival could help out a lot.

Crazay3382d ago

I was a huge fan of the series and you;re right they rushed too much at the end of season 2 to close it up but in doing so they screwed that up as well..

alycakes3382d ago

This was a good show and we got so upset when they cancelled it. They really didn't do it justice at the end so this would be good but a lot of it would depend on if it can be done properly and with hopefully some of the same people.

Soldierone3382d ago

Okay Netflix you win....more exclusive shows and I'll pay again.

sealava3382d ago

a solid and great show cancelled for more dancing , singing , and goofing around shows .

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