Third Official Dark Knight Rises Trailer Will Leave You Speechless

From TMP:

The official Dark Knight Rises website has launched the second full length trailer (bringing us up to a total of three) for Nolan's highly anticipated film and it literally gave me goosebumps.

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jbl3163761d ago

I saw The Avengers the first day it came out. It was an amazing movie. BUT watching this trailer made me get Goosebumps too. This is going to be THE movie to watch in 2012.

NAGNEWS3760d ago

is going to play the next joker i think

(John Blake.... JO-KE....r)

thorstein3760d ago

What is Cobra Commander doing in this? lulz

darklordzor3761d ago

Yeah, I got to see Avengers last week and I can tell you that both of these films are going to be awesome...but for very different reasons. That's why I don't get the whole TDKR vs. Avengers thing going on with fans. I think both of them looked epic for different reasons. Avengers was incredibly awesome, and I'm sure TDKR will be too. They are different films, and guess what? That's okay!

I'm perfectly happy having two amazing comic book movies in one Summer (hopefully 3 if Spider-Man can pull it off).

jbl3163761d ago

I agree, The Avengers was an entertaining "feel good' movie. TDKR will be more serious yet awesome much like TDK was.

Me too, hoping Spider-Man will be cool too but it's kind of lost in the shuffle at the moment. Would have been better if it was released in 2010 or something. Other than Iron Man 2, I don't remember any other comic book movie released that year.

alycakes3761d ago

I totally agree. I think they will both blow the rest out of the water. I already knew that Avengers was going to be one of those that would break all records and TDKR being that it's the final of Nolan's 3 will also be his can tell by this trailer how intense it's going to be.

Torkith3761d ago

Am I the only one that found that trailer to be kind of "meh" in comparison to trailer #2?

darklordzor3761d ago

It wasn't nearly as action packed or revealing, but it gave me a much stronger feeling than the last trailer did.

aDDicteD3761d ago

yup this was good but i like the 2nd trailer more

asmith23063760d ago

I completely agree. Everyone is basing this films supposed greatness around the Dark Knight, which was really great because of Heath Ledgers performance. Take that away and it was just a good crime film, he gave it the edge that seperated it from just being good. Prometheus is where its at for me this summer :-)

Main_Street_Saint3760d ago

As much as I love the comic book flix, Prometheus is going to be the bomb. This is one for the ages!

upallnightgamer3761d ago

I don't know how they plan to top The Dark Knight, but I'm looking forward to seeing if they do.

reznik_zerosum3761d ago

cat women and flying thing kinda suck

mushroomwig3760d ago

I can't say I'm too fond of them either, the flying machine just seems a bit out of place.

jony_dols3760d ago

I agree that the flying jetcar is a bit too superhero-ish for a Chris Nolan batman film.

UnSelf3760d ago

hes still batman. at the end of the day no matter how realistic nolan makes his films we must remember that Batman still is a billionaire superhero with gadgets that make Darpa look like Fisher-Price

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The story is too old to be commented.