Trek Sequel Newslet Round-Up + More Re: Nimoy In The New Film, And Cumberbatch's Role Revealed?

AICN says

Over the weekend, Leonard Nimoy indicated that he was "talking" about appearing in this new STAR TREK movie (details HERE). While the actor showing up in the picture would certainly make sense, this the first time we've heard that the possibility is being actively mulled.

In response to the article linked above, an AICN reader reached out to me with further details about whether or not Nimoy will show-up in the movie. Said reader explained quite a bit about how he or she came across such information. To many of you, the circumstances by which he/she became privy to this knowledge might seem dodgy or improbable. HOWEVER...many years ago...inside information regarding another high profile, ultra-Geektastic, even more tightly secured project was leaked via extremely similar circumstances.

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