The Playlist's 10 Most Anticipated Blockbusters Of The Summer Season

The Playlist:
It feels like the summer movie season has been underway for some time already, given that last month saw the arrival of huge blockbuster "The Hunger Games," as well as "21 Jump Street," an R-rated comedy that's taken an enormously impressive $130 million. And that's even without mentioning those that hoped to be big box office stuff, but fell at the first: "John Carter," already taking its place among the annals of the great flops, and "Wrath Of The Titans," which has taken less than half what its predecessor made domestically.

So yes, 2012 has already brought its share of blockbusters, but we're just getting started. Next week brings "The Avengers," the first salvo in a four-month-long cascade of tentpoles that cost more than the GDP of a third-world country, star-laden comedies and animated extravaganzas. Between now and the middle of August, every single week brings at least one major studio movie, and this year seems to be bigger than ever, with juggernaut brands/characters like Batman, Spider-Man, Alien and Jason Bourne bringing new movies to theaters.

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alycakes2752d ago

I know that most of these will be blockbusters at least the obvious ones and we all know which ones those are.

2752d ago