New International Trailer for Prometheus at Skewed and Reviewed

Skewed and Reviewed have posted the brand new U.K. International trailer for "Prometheus". The new trailer features new scenes and expands on the role of one of the characters of the film.

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Garethvk2759d ago

I had always thought the segment where they went over the maps took place on Earth but it seems to happen in the ships gym as you can see the treadmills behind them. They must have this briefing just out of cryo which indicates much of the crew had no idea for the reasons behind the journey.

edwest2759d ago

Still looks pretty good. Though I hope the melting helmet CG is a rough version as it's not entirely convincing, a shame as it's a uniquely horrific idea for this movie.

Garethvk2759d ago

I believe that it is just the tip of the iceberg. Scott has said there is a segment every bit as shocking as the original chestburster and it was so secret that it was just him, Rapace, and two crew on set when it was filmed. I do not think it is her in the surgical bay cutting out the intruder as that was show in the other trailers.