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The Avengers Breaks Records with $178.4 Million International Debut

The Collider:
Director Joss Whedon‘s The Avengers doesn’t open stateside until next weekend, but the film debuted this past week in a number of international markets and it’s already taken in nearly $200 million. In other words, Disney and Marvel are in for a very good May. The pic totaled $178.4 million as it opened in 39 territories, breaking records for the largest opening weekend in Mexico, Brazil, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. In the UK it took the title of the biggest opening for a superhero film with a $24.7 million debut, and earned $19.7 million in Australia for the country’s second highest opening ever. Hit the jump for more.

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alycakes3375d ago

No surpirses here but I'm really glad to hear about how much they are making.

Soldierone3374d ago

Lol and basically every dollar we see it make here will be pure profit. I predict it breaks, or comes really really really close, to a billion dollars. I say it even pushes buttons to be the fastest one there.

alycakes3374d ago

My husband and I are going to see it in 3D on Friday even though 3D bothers me (I don't care..I want to see it anyway like that just once). Then next week we are going to see it in 2D. I'm just like a little kid every day waiting for this movie.

Soldierone3374d ago

I can barely afford to see it once lol, really trying hard to save my money to see all the movies I want to see this summer. Not being able to find a job sucks

tiffac0083374d ago

I've seen the film, love it! If I get a chance to watch it again, I will.

I'll definitely get the Blu Ray release of this movie when it comes out.

alycakes3373d ago

I just love watching all that color and action on that hugh screen. I know I'll get the Blu-ray but then you sit to watch it on a smaller tv at home and it's just not the same....don't get me wrong...I'll still watch it again.