The Avengers Assemble – Movie Review (Frost Magazine)

Junior Smart of Frost Magazine writes 'It is becoming almost traditional if not formulaic to kick off each summer blockbuster season with a Superhero movie. Over the years we have seen Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and even the Hulk take centre stage in their own films, so on paper at least the coming together of these iconic super hero superstars in Avengers Assemble sounds like every comic book fan-boy’s wet dream. But does more necessary mean more? Or have Marvel who admittedly have done a terrific job so far in bringing their comic book pages to life bitten off more than they can chew?'

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iamnsuperman3383d ago

Great movie.... accidentally saw this in 3D and I couldn't help feel that the 3Dness was just was a distraction and didn't add anything.

gameswriter3382d ago

Indeed, what on earth has happened to 3D? it was supposed to be the thing of the it is just looking like a fad. When I think of last years films it brought nothing new to the table, Green Lantern was the worst, perhaps Thor was the best. One can only hope the new Spiderman film will do something better with this new technology.