A Final Farewell: Mark Hamill’s Final (Possible) Joker Performance

As the famed Jedi readies himself to retire from the voice acting role that garnered him even more love from the geeky masses, fans campaign tirelessly to insure that he gets the Swan Song that he deserves in a cartoon movie adaptation of Alan Moore's famed comic, Batman: A Killing Joke.

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xVeZx3383d ago

as long as the money keeps on coming he will never stop voicing the joker in batman cartoons

ChrisX1043383d ago

Like he doesn't have more than enough money from Star Wars to live off of? Haha

NewMonday3383d ago

i'm sure it will be toned down, cant imagine them putting...(spoiler!)

...the gang-rape and crippling of Barbra Gordon and making her father watch as he rides a joyride tied gagged and naked in a cartoon

DarkBlood3383d ago

was that stuff show in the comics? cant imagine that being sold for retail

SilentNegotiator3383d ago (Edited 3383d ago )


Ehhhh.....who said they would do a 'The Killing Joke' cartoon? Man, that's a great novel, though. Some of the absolute best of the Batman universe.

Too bad they SLAUGHTERED it with "The Dark Knight"


Dark Knight: "We have to hide the truth instead of confronting our problems. Joker was clearly right; Harvey snapped after one bad day. Humanity is screwed"
Killing Joke: "There's still hope, but we must stand firm. The Joker is wrong that we're all like him! One bad day doesn't make us all become insane, especially not principled people like Gordon"

Dannycr3383d ago

@Newday ****SPOILERS***

Gangrape was never shown, people infer that gang-rape took place, but it is not actually shown in the comic. The part where Joker shots Barbara, cripple her and took naked pictures of her, yes and you can see her being naked in the pictures while Gordon is in the joyride

NewMonday3383d ago


yes the gang-rape was the only thing done off-panel, but it is part of cannon, the whole ordeal is what made this THE most popular Batman story.
that and it was also the Jokers origin story
and also Brian Bolland's art
did i mention it was written by Alan Moor?

anyway this graphic novel is a must for any batman fan

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mafiahajeri3383d ago

Mark Hamill is the best voice actor ever, PERIOD!!

DeadlyFire3383d ago (Edited 3383d ago )

I think it would be awesome if they made him into the next movie Joker. He has the voice. He can do the act. He was made for the role. His look isn't far off from the Joker.

aDDicteD3383d ago

i hope he never stops on voicing as the joker

SilentNegotiator3383d ago

Me neither, but if he does, at least John D. will be there. He did a great Joker in Under the Red Hood.

Deadpool6163383d ago

John D. did a good job as Joker. I would also like to add Kevin Michael Richardson to the Joker mix. He did a fine job doing the voice of Joker as well. But as of now, they're both outranked by Mark Hamill.

SilentNegotiator3383d ago

Kevin Michael Richardson?! Ewwwww, no! Nothing about "The Batman" was good.

StarWarsFan3382d ago

He really was a great Joker and put in the effort not to sound like his normal self when playing him.