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Sam Raimi to Produce MGM's 'Poltergeist' Remake

THR Heat Vision:
Sam Raimi is boarding MGM’s Poltergeist.

The filmmaker, who got his start with the Evil Dead horror movies, will produce the remake of the 1982 film -- which Steven Spielberg produced and co-scripted from his original story -- with Nathan Kahane and Roy Lee.

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alycakes3382d ago

I loved this movie and I just hope the do it justice when they remake it. The only part I can't stand to watch is the part with the clown in the kids room....I hate clowns...

StarWarsFan3380d ago

Very cool. This kind of remake needs topnotch talent.

alycakes3379d ago

Yes, I agree because this movie can make a really good comeback if they do it right. Get the right actors and the right director and all.