Cinemacon: Day 3 Report at Skewed and Reviewed

Laura looked at what Sony had pending at Cinemacon in Vegas and loved what she saw. She mentions a "Robocop" and "Evil Dead" remake in 2013 as well as how good the new Bond film "Skyfall" looks. Laura also goes into their entire presentation.

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CPO2760d ago

Hmmm. Interesting to note that almost half of the films listed in that story are either remakes or sequels. Another indication on the state of Hollywood. Remakes and sequels can be worthwhile if done right, but they should be few and farther between than new stories and movies.
Least that's just our opinion!

Garethvk2760d ago

It is all about the money. Sequels are safer as they have a built in audience, same for the remakes so they do not worry about the audience not knowing what the film is about. Also, the foreign box office has become a huge factor. It used to be iciing on the cake for Hollywood but with so many nations having first run showings, and so many new markets for films emerging they can make more overseas. Eastern Europe, many third world nations, Asia, are thriving movie markets now. Not just western Europe, Japan and Australia. The overseas markets love sequels.