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The superhero movie to end all superhero movies, The Avengers is some five films in the making and the culmination of Marvel’s ambitious plan to bring a handful of their biggest names together on the silver screen.

To date the Avengers’ own films have been a mixed bag. Iron Man was the great success that kicked this whole thing off, with fans falling in love with Downey Jr.’s cocky Tony Stark and Jon Favreau’s glossy, bombastic visuals, but since then it’s been nearly all down hill. With the unsatisfactory taste of The Incredible Hulk still in our mouths, Iron Man 2 proved hollow fun two years later before another mixed bag in 2011. Captain America: The First Avenger’s WWII setting offered great potential though meant he had to be literally frozen into the modern day, final piece of the puzzle Thor, however, was our biggest worry for the overarching franchise. A languid, misdirected, badly written adventure, our negative review caused quite the uproar online, and I’m sorry fanboys, we hated this one too.

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Crazay3387d ago

Well that's not exactly a great review. I wonder if they really felt this way or if they're just looking for the traffic to their site. Considering this is really only the 2nd negative post for this movie you can't help but contemplate that.

darklordzor3386d ago

I can't say much or post my review yet, but I saw it yesterday and loved it. Better than all of the Avengers lead up movies in my opinion.

Crazay3386d ago

I kinda sorta hate you right now sir. Just saying. =P

jbl3163386d ago

I saw it too two days ago in NZ lol. Sorry...

darklordzor3386d ago

Sorry man! I got luck and my Disney PR lady really likes me. :)

Arcee3385d ago

How do you have contact with a Disney PR person and I don't considering I worked for the company for 10 years and still know people there? LOL At least I get their games... but the Avengers. WOW. I would trade all their games back just to see that right now. Brother, you are lucky.

gaden_malak3386d ago

Saw it tonight, definitely the best of the Marvel movies.

gaden_malak3384d ago

In my opinion, second only to The Dark Knight of all comic book movies.

Ice2ms3385d ago

Saw it today best comic book movie ever

ReelKid3385d ago

there just had to be "that guy" who had to make a controversial review.

I watched it just now, not sure how anyone can dislike it.

Batman52733385d ago

This is a god awful review. I don't think he got the point of the Avengers not getting along at the beginning. It was the Manipulation of Loki that was need for the team to realize that they must work together.

Want a real review? Please read mine.

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