The LRA Show Ep. 51 - God Bless America

LRA writes: Thank goodness we are done playing catch up and are back to a more normal episode length (our last episode was our longest one to date). This week we are pretty light on content but still manage to find a good amount to cover with some more Avengers talk about the impact of it being shot in Digital IMAX as opposed to the traditional 70mm film stock and the repercussions for the viewer as well as some more bitching about its advertising campaign, James' impressions on the long running comic book series Fables, Brian's thoughts on the new Transformers ride at Universal Studios Hollywood and my Netflix Instant Stream Movie of the Week. We of course wrap things up with a discussion on the new film from Bobcat Goldthwait, God Bless America. Unfortunately only James and myself saw it so it is a two man conversation but I think we both had quite a few interesting things to say about this film about hatred towards our nation's obsession with pop culture and trashy television. Featured music this week is from the "God Bless America" motion picture soundtrack (which unfortunately does not exist at this time).

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