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Paramount's Adam Goodman Opens Up About 'Top Gun 2,' 'Transformers 4'

After years of trailing its studio rivals in market share, Paramount zoomed to No. 1 in 2007 due in large part to Transformers and a handful of other titles overseen by DreamWorks president of production Adam Goodman. A year later -- amid its otherwise acrimonious split with DreamWorks -- Paramount persuaded Goodman to join the studio, promoting him to Paramount Film Group president a year after that. The Chicago native, good-natured but a tough-as-nails negotiator, hasn't disappointed, and the studio has stayed at the top of the industry in worldwide box-office grosses -- in a close rivalry with Warner Bros. -- and placed No. 1 in 2011 with $5.2 billion. Goodman, 39, hasn't been afraid to upend longtime Hollywood practices by eliminating perks like office fridges stuffed with groceries for favored producers, consolidating studio ranks and completely reshaping the low-budget space with Paranormal Activity.

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alycakes2903d ago

Sounds like he's got his act together and I hope he continues to be successful but I don't understand why they are doing a Top Gun 2 now.

DeadlyFire2899d ago

Its either make up something new or make a sequel to something. I guess we know their answer. :P

I am wondering if Megatron lives in Transformers 4. Machines can always be repaired you know.

alycakes2899d ago

You're right about that and you can never say never about things like that in the movies especially.

StarWarsFan2899d ago

Why did it take this long for Top Gun 2?