Time To Give Up: 11 Long-Anticipated Movies That Are Never Happening


We've all been there. You hear about a movie going into development, about a character or a subject you love, or with a director attached who's great, or with a star on board who is perfect for the role. It's the kind of movie you're dying to see and you anxiously await for the news on when it actually happens… until it doesn't. For every time there's a splashy announcement about a Hollywood studio optioning a book, hiring a screenwriter, or attaching an actor to a project, there are half a dozen equally big-deal movies that just fade away and never happen. Whether it's caused by clashing egos or budgets or lack of interest or some kind of change of heart, movies die on the vine all the time, leaving disappointed fans out there who were dying to see it happen.

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StarWarsFan3386d ago

Step Brothers 2 is never going to happen? Last time I checked: that is happening.