Batman Beyond - Return of the Joker - Review - UpperPad

Inspired by the famous television series, the film tells of an elderly Bruce Wayne now has found a replacement in Terry McGinnis, a boy who decides to put on his Batman costume instead of the old hero.

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SilentNegotiator2766d ago

It was okay. The writing was sort of weak and immature. Especially the intro...."Herp-de-derp isn't it a school night??"

But it got better as it went along, but still, it wasn't all that impressive.

Watch Batman: the animated series instead; Season 3 and 4 are pretty good. Or the newer Batman-centric JL title, "Doom". Or watch on of the Batman/Superman films.
There are plenty of better DC animated features than this.

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. That was a GREAT Batman feature. That has the best emotional portrayal of Bruce Wayne of any I've seen.

StarWarsFan2762d ago

Why is this review up? This isn't exactly a new release.