Josh Duhamel Joins Lasse Hallstrom's Nicholas Sparks Adapatation 'Safe Haven'

The Playlist:
Is there any leading man as non-essential and bland as Josh Duhamel? Say what you will about the Nicholas Sparks adaptations, but so far they've (for the most part) gone with men who at least have some appeal to some spectrum of the female population that drives these things. Ryan Gosling, Channing Tatum, Zac Efron, Liam Hemsworth and even oldies like Kevin Costner and Richard Gere were decent enough choices for their respective films. But who even says, "That Josh Duhamel is soooo cute. Can't wait to see his next movie!"

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alycakes2758d ago

He's cute and I guess if it's a romantic comedy he's okay but aside from Transformers I haven't seen him in other movie types.