The Avengers Review @ SYDHiT

Going into The Avengers I must admit that I was quite excited to see this series of movies finally get their big crossover, a venture that has cost Marvel billions of dollars and if it wasn’t any good the blame would have been squarely aimed at Mr. Whedon. That must have been a huge burden to carry, especially for a guy that’s mainly known for TV. While I admire Whedon and have faith in his abilities as a writer/director, giving him the job of directing their biggest film was a huge gamble on Marvel’s part, but thank god they took the chance because I don’t know how anybody else would have made an Avengers movie as funny, exciting, heartfelt and engaging as the one Whedon has crafted. The Avengers doesn’t just live up to the hype, it surpasses the hype, effortlessly.

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