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The Avengers Review - Captainstarball

The Avengers came out today in New Zealand today and audiences flocked to see it on a public holiday. Amidst the big crowd and sold out cinema session, The Avengers is one thrill ride comic book fans should not miss out on.

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SantistaUSA3379d ago

Looks like the movies is getting great reviews across the board, can't wait to see it on iMax next week! :D

jbl3163379d ago

The audience at the cinema loved the movie. There were laughs, cheers and even claps at the end. Also, many people of all ages, genders and races went to see it. It was such a blast especially in 3D.

gaden_malak3379d ago

Seeing it tomorrow. The wait has been excruciating.

aDDicteD3378d ago

cant wait to see this one!