Toni Collette & Dev Patel To Star In India-Set Honor Killings Thriller 'Defiant'

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A new film based on true events, set in the world of “honor killings” in India, has picked up steam today as two talented actors have signed on for principal and supporting roles.

Variety reports that Toni Collette and Dev Patel have joined “Defiant,” a thriller written and directed by Bill Burnett, and produced by the Australian-based Anupam Sharma. The film centers around the Islamic law that permits Muslim men to wed non-Muslim women, but denies women the same rights with men. Patel will play Hari, one half of a couple in love on the run from their parents, all of whom want to kill them for wanting to marry. Collette will play an Emmy-winning reporter who follows the story, but soon finds herself living it after becoming involved and fighting for the couple’s lives.

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alycakes3301d ago

Since this is based on a true story it may be more interesting to see. I normally would be more inclined to see a movie like that but they don't always deliver in the really good and interesting area so I'll keep an eye on it.