Mark Millar Wants Robin in Batman Reboot


Not only does he want Robin find out who he wants for Batman.

Hey Gang

I happened to come across this post by Mark Millar this morning which I found kind of interesting. Not only did he mention that he wanted Robin for the Batman reboot, but also check out who he wants for The Dark Knight, and Gordon.

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Crazay3384d ago

I like Mark Millar's body of work and would actually really like to see his take on Batman in the next series. i think he'd give it the right amount of classic comic feel mixed with modern day.

DarkBlood3384d ago

hopfully the films does well to include who ever batman is going to be, to be involved in the justice league film hopfully

lock them actors down in a contract people :P

Crazay3384d ago (Edited 3384d ago )

I totally forgot about them wanting to make a JLA movie. They really better get moving on that.

I actually think that Josh Hutcherson would make a pretty damn good Robin. who do you think should fill that role?

DarkBlood3384d ago

i actually dont know that much about robin outside of the 90's movies and of what cartoon ive seen in the past, well enough to figure out robin personal

its kind of confusing me with the many ways that character is portrayed

know what i mean?

Hayabusa 1173382d ago

A JLA film will totally crap over The Avengers Assmble!

thorstein3383d ago

Ummm... why? There is already a current set of Batman movies. The final one hasn't come out yet. Reboot? And with Robin?

Yeah, that won't bomb.

Crazay3383d ago

I doubt that it would bomb. this is the end of the current Batman coming up and bet your ass that WB won't be letting it die off any time soon. They're going to reboot the series (presumably)for another series trilogy. They can easily make another series with Robin in it and do it right. The only thing i can't see them being able to pull off all that well is another movie with the Joker.

thorstein3383d ago

Unless it is the one where Robin dies, I really don't want to see it.

Soldierone3383d ago

Mark Miller.....ugh. He comes along everytime WB is making something new with their characters.....Remember his super dark Superman....

Horny Melon3383d ago

They better use the girl robin....could cast that chick from game of thrones.

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The story is too old to be commented.