What We Want in Captain America 2

IGN says

As much as we're all excited for the imminent release of The Avengers, we're also looking ahead to what Marvel Studios has planned in the next few years. Last week they announced that Captain America 2 is scheduled for release on April 4, 2014. That means we have just under two years to wait until Cap resumes socking Nazis. Or will he?

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Crazay2759d ago

I kinda feel like they short changed Captain America a little bit with the first movie. Don't get me wrong - I enjoyed the movie immensely but I think they were in such a rush to get The Avengers done, they rushed his WWII story before having him crash into the ice and being thawed out for the Modern Day.

They should have done 2 Capt America movies before the Avengers.

Soldierone2759d ago

It's actually a complaint I've had for a while now. The Avengers were not brought about in comics till the sales slowed a little. This allowed each character to fully develop and making the team up all the more awesome.

With how they are doing it for movies everything is forced into this storyline and a lot of things get missed or need to be changed so it fits it.

Don't get me wrong I loved Captain America and The Avengers is sounding absolutely awesome, just from a comic book nerd viewpoint thats how I see it. I guess its better they do it because of The Avengers and not just because the directors/witers can't do it period (Green Lantern)

ThanatosDMC2758d ago

We could always have an Avengers 2... i'd watch it.

"Hulk is strongest there is" after all.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32759d ago

I thought Captain America was pretty abysmal. I felt like I was watching a prequel to film that did not yet exist. One thing I like to see in a sequel is make him more 2-Dimensional! He doesn't have the most spectacular superpowers, but he is supposed to some king of a great leader. This didn't really across in the film.

Crazay2759d ago

I thought they did a great job at showing who he was and what he became including a leader of men. They all came together behind Cap.