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The writing on Supernatural has never quite knocked it out of the park, but as far as your small network dramas go, it used to be up there. What we got with “Of Grave Importance” was just lazy. The episode certainly had its interesting elements, given that a fair percentage of it was spent in the ghost perspective, and it also threw in a small plot twist that we haven’t seen in a while (but have seen many times before). But in the end, it was still pretty lazy. After receiving a call from hunter pal Annie, the brothers headed off to meet her and when she didn’t show up, they became naturally suspicious. After checking out where she was staying and working out what case she was on, they took it upon themselves to investigate.

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alycakes3385d ago

I liked it. I didn't think it was lazy at all. One thing about may not be super great every week but it's always good.

sjaakiejj3385d ago

I'm thinking the reviewer at PlayerAffinity doesn't really enjoy SuperNatural in general. You can always tell that he doesn't really like watching the series, yet does so to write a review about it..

I enjoyed the episode a lot myself, and am interested to see where they take this :)

alycakes3385d ago

I've been a fan since the beginning....this is my type of show anyway. I like different and this is about as different as you can get. The guys are great and I just hope they get at least another season.

sjaakiejj3385d ago

Ratings are down but it remains one of the most popular shows on the network. I'd be surprised if they cancel it, especially considering they still have contracts with the actors.