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Exclusive News On 'Man Of Steel' Trailer - Updated (Rumor)

Cosmic Booknews:
We have some updated news to share on the Man of Steel trailer, a trailer that super fans everywhere have been eagerly anticipating.

Previously we told you that a source informed us that the Man of Steel trailer will be attached to The Dark Knight Rises this July (I also expect something at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con), that it will be around one minute in length, and that it will not feature heavy use of CGI.

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alycakes2731d ago

I have to admit that I do know more now then I did before and I do believe it's more than a rumor.

fastNslowww2731d ago

A year away...I WANT IT NOW!

tarbis2731d ago

This year it's Batman, next year Superman. I hope they make a movie for Flash or Wonder Woman.

fastNslowww2731d ago

They could, but who wants to see flash? Wonder woman i can understand.

blvdnights14142731d ago

They should do Lobo. Everyone loves a "dark" super hero especially since their aren't many anti-hero characters in the dc universe to begin with.

fastNslowww2731d ago

I hope they don't make superman too realistic, and maintain some of that over powered abilities. Like the comics and Reeves superman. we shall see anyways.

alycakes2731d ago

I know...I'm wondering more and more how much they change and how much they keep that all of us already know about him.

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