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New Promo Poster for '47 Ronin' Starring Keanu Reeves

The Collider:
CinemaCon gets underway this Monday, but Steve is already in Las Vegas snapping pictures of all the cool promo posters, banners, and standees he can find. For those unaware, CinemaCon is a convention put on for all the major theater owners in order to get a look at what the studios have to offer for the rest of the year; it’s basically Comic-Con for theater owners. While walking the floor, Steve found a new promo poster for director Carl Rinsch‘s 47 Ronin. The pic stars Keanu Reeves and focuses on ronin (the term for samurai with no master) must face trails that test their mettle and their loyalty to one another. We got a look at a different promo poster at the 2011 Licensing International Expo, but this one has 100% more fire and plays up the 3D aspect of the action film.

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alycakes2767d ago

I've missed seeing Keanu Reeves at the movies lately. It's been a while since he's come out with any kind of movie and I just wasn't sure what he was up to. I'm glad to see that he's at least got a couple of them that he's been working on.

StarWarsFan2766d ago

It seems like forever since I've seen Keanu Reeves in anything new. I miss the guy.

fastNslowww2766d ago

Going a long with the peeps above, he needs to get a little more buff, like in SPEED, the whole pale white and anorexic look is getting old. Besides working for the matrix.

alycakes2766d ago

Yeah....that's what I was thinking myself. He always looks so pale. Maybe he's a vampire and we just don't know it.