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Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol Blu-ray Review ~ Movies Hate You Too

Movies Hate You Too writes:

Somewhere between James Bond and Jason Bourne is Ethan Hunt and his IMF Team keeping the world safe from mad men with diabolical plans. The Mission: Impossible franchise has run the gauntlet as far as successes and failures go; I thoroughly enjoy the original Mission: Impossible, I despise the sequel, and I’m relatively indifferent to the third film aside from its fantastic villain in the form of Philip Seymour Hoffman. The franchise returns to the screen five years after M:I-3 and an entire fifteen years after the original hit theaters in May of 1996. After the somewhat disappointing box office returns for M:I-3 and the lackluster performance of Cruise’s Knight and Day there was talk of Tom Cruises’s days as an action star being over. Ghost Protocol proved to be just the boost Cruise’s career needed as M:I-4 went on to be the most successful film in the franchise so far.

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alycakes3387d ago

Absolutely one of his best movies yet.