Robin Hood: Ghosts of Sherwood Trailer

Robin Hood: Ghosts of Sherwood tells the story of Robin Hood from the horror perspective. The film will contain a lot of the same characters from the original story, but now Sherwood Forest is haunted with the undead Merry Men.

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Best-Horror-Movies3393d ago

This could turn out to be an ok B-Grade movie or maybe not. With some big names in B Horror it will get some attention.

Legion3392d ago

Can you say... direct to DVD.

SITH3392d ago

Cheapo. Syfy will play it to death.

fastNslowww3391d ago

Sure to be better than the one with Russel Crowe in it. I still don't understand the concept of a old fat robin hood. lol

Lord_Sloth3391d ago

Since when is Russel Crowe fat?

fastNslowww3391d ago

In Robin hood he is chubby.

Lord_Sloth3391d ago

Yeah...No he isn't.




If you're talking about Plate Mail, it's always looked round. That was authentic.

fastNslowww3391d ago

haha, your 2nd pic proved my point. He wasn't fit nor fat, but he was a little chubby. I guess i over exaggerated. His lost his past thin shape, due to age i spose.

alycakes3391d ago

I like stuff like this...I'll watch it even if it goes straight to dvd.