16 Of The Worst Comic Book Castings

Popcrunch says

Hollywood has spoiled us with a glut of really good comic movies of late, with pitch perfect acting and stunning special effects. Both of the Batman movies, the Iron Mans (Iron Men?), and Thor have all been perfect. I have high hopes for Captain America, too. However sometimes, the casting goes completely wrong. They choose a totally wrong person for the role, and you’re stuck watching a movie where you can’t stomach, never mind root for, the main characters.

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Crazay2742d ago

I normally have very different opinions on these articles but I can't honestly say that there's much I'd change in this at all. I thought Ryan Reynolds was good. I didn't dislike Green Lantern in the least.

Lord_Sloth2740d ago

I actually liked Keaton as Batman and Nicholson as Joker.