Penelope Cruz Eyes Reteam With Javier Bardem for 'The Counselor'

Cruz is the frontrunner for a role in a gritty drama that will also star Michael Fassbender and Brad Pitt.

Penelope Cruz may be reteaming with husband Javier Bardem for The Counselor, the drug drama from Cormac McCarthy and Ridley Scott.

The drama is one of the town’s hottest projects, partly due to the speed of it coming together, thanks in part to the star power associated with it. McCarthy surprised his agents earlier this year with not a new book but a script, which was quickly picked up by producer Nick Wechsler and Paul Mae Schwartz.

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alycakes3392d ago

This movie sure is getting a lot of big name actors...I wonder how important it is for them to have all these guys in it for them. Do they just want the big name or are they getting them for certain roles that only they can fill?