How I’d Fix It: The Hunger Games

How I'd Fix It" is a new column by writer Dan Schindel discussing some of the little, and big changes that might have turned a flop into a blockbuster.

From the opening paragraph, Dan writes,"Hoo, boy.I know I’m inviting a whole storm of anger by suggesting that The Hunger Games is a movie that needs fixing. This is a series with a passionate and vocal legion of fans, and which has reached a cultural saturation unseen since the Twlight novels. It’s made a pretty penny at the box office, to say the least, and has received a very warm critical reception as well. Let me be absolutely clear: I’m not coming at this as a contrarian. I’m not trying to drum up hits and attention by blindly trashing something that most people like, or attacking it just because it’s something that most people like. I am not Armond White. Every thought here is my own, honest opinion."

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