It's Claws for Celebration as The Wolverine with Hugh Jackman Set to Film in Sydney

Look out Sydney - Hugh Jackman is coming to town and he's bringing his razor-sharp claws with him when he films The Wolverine in his home city.

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DarkBlood3394d ago

i bet the people there will be really excited to meet him, plus its about damn time they started filming already lol i want this to be out sooner

im betting this will come out before man of steel

Crazay3393d ago

Oh man I really hope it doesn't come out before Man of Steel.

DarkBlood3393d ago

lets be real all marvel character movies has always come out in may most of the time :P but recent trends changed that so who knows

all i know is man of steel is destined for june or july

LivingTribunal3393d ago

I hope this is good. Also, an end credit scene to tie him in with the Avengers in a future movie please! :D

Crazay3393d ago

i think thats something of a pipe dream dude.

Megaman_nerd3392d ago

I think this movie is gonna be good even without Aronofsky because while I don't like James Mangold he is a much better director than Gavin Hood.

3392d ago