'Ender's Game': What's That Mysterious Chip On The Back of Ender's Neck

The highly anticipated film adaptation of Ender’s Game may have been pushed to November 2013, but that doesn’t mean that the official Ender’s Game production Tumblr, set up last month, is going to stop giving fans a weekly tease to get them all excited for the film.

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alycakes2561d ago

Does anyone know what that is?

DarkBlood2561d ago

no idea, first thing that came to mind was metallos from smallville where he had that on his neck which seemd to be some kind of controlling insertation device

but it could be for anything really

Gamefan122560d ago

Have you guys read the book?

let's just say it is a "monitor"

Lord_Sloth2560d ago

I have, but needed a refresher. It's been a while.

frelyler2560d ago

If you're not going to read the book and only watch the movie you are doing yourself a serious disservice. That question being asked is like asking what that glowing stick was in that guys hand in that space movie, seriously?

alycakes2557d ago've got me curious now...I'll read the book. I like reading anyway.