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Not Shaken, Not Stirred: James Bond Drinks Beer

New York Times:
James Bond may never lose his taste for fast cars or dangerous women, but his famous preference for martinis — shaken, not stirred — will be broadened in his next film adventure to allow for the occasional swig of mass-market Dutch lager. This latest sign of the times is a result of a product placement deal between the brewers of Heineken beer and the producers of the “James Bond” movie franchise, one that even the series star, Daniel Craig, is lamenting as “unfortunate.”

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alycakes3351d ago

I guess it's part of doing business. If you want to get the movie made you have to make the best of any situation and deals with companies that you normally would not think of doing business with.

mushroomwig3348d ago

Wow, what's next? James Bond eating a Big Mac?

3348d ago