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5 More Classic Movies CinemaBlend Wants To See Converted Into 3D


Titanic, already the second-biggest movie of all time, has added almost $150 million to its lifetime box office thanks to the recent 3D re-release. And as much as we may cry and moan that 3D is nothing but a gimmick, that James Cameron is robbing us by making us pay $15 for the same movie, or that 3D actually makes the movie worse, clearly a lot of people like what they're seeing, and are saying quite clearly to Hollywood, "Yes, more of this please!" And for the people buying tickets, it's a win-win-- they get to revisit a movie they love on the big screen, and the studio gets to make huge profits with a movie they've already paid to make.

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Crazay3351d ago

I can see the Wizard of Oz...but the others? No way.

MySwordIsHeavenly3349d ago


Wizard of Oz. Yes. Nothing else.

There are very few movies that would lend themselves to 3D. I could see something like Vertigo or The Ten Commandments.