Dublin Sees First Ever Fan Screening of Marvel Avengers Assemble

Marvel put it to the world that which ever city could generate the most Facebook 'likes' on The Avengers fanpage would be treated to a special advanced screening 2 weeks ahead of it's official release and Dublin came up trumps as the first to see the movie after the official premiere in Hollywood.

We now have the videographic evidence from the lips of the hardcore fans themselves that The Avengers does indeed live up to the hype!

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jony_dols2560d ago

It was overbooked & some people who had won tickets for it were turned away....

Here is some fan reviews from the event:

The general consensus is that Marvel Avengers Assemble is one of the best superhero film's of all-time!

Captain Qwark 92560d ago

i dont doubt it for a second, i knew it would be a winner the minute they said whedon was the director.

adding him to the already perfect castings of thor, iron man, captain, and fury and it would be more difficult to make it bomb