'Avatar' Will Do 'More Good' Than 'Battle Angel'


James Cameron's long-planned passion project "Battle Angel" is still coming, but we're going to have to wait a very, very long time to see it.

When MTV News caught up with Cameron while he was promoting the re-release of "Titanic" in 3D, we couldn't resist asking about his adaptation of the manga series "Battle Angel Alita." Last we heard he still wanted to make it, but wouldn't be able to start working on it until after he's done with the next two "Avatar" films. Cameron reinforced that now, adding that he's working on the "Avatar" movies first because of the good they can do for the world.

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Crazay2559d ago

I forgot that James Cameron was supposed to be making Battle Angel. Jeasus, how long has it been since that was announced? I seem to recall he wanted to use the technology developed for Avatar in making Battle Angel too..

edwest2559d ago

Battle Angel may just be my number 1 unmade movie right now. lets hope it doesn't go the way of Kubrick's Napolean.

Crazay2559d ago

I don;t even know anything about the Manga/Anime. It was always something that was on my list of things to watch but I just never found the time. I'm sure I'd really enjoy it though.

Megaman_nerd2558d ago

there's no anime, just a single ova of the beginning of the manga. The manga's pretty good if you like stuff like Tri-Gun, Cowboy Bebop and Ghost in the Shell but why it never got an anime I really don't know because the manga is so good.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32559d ago

Wake me up when your done saving the world with Avatar James Cameron.

gamejediben2559d ago

Ummm... how does boring cliched story telling with pretty CGI help the world?

Oh did he say help my wallet?

I must have misunderstood.

Crazay2558d ago

What's with all the hate on Cameron. The man know how to tell a story and how to develop ground breaking film technologies. His use of CGI in T2 was insane for it's time and helped to usher in a whole new world of SFX in movies.

Bimkoblerutso2558d ago

I would really rather have someone else directing Battle Agnel know, someone who's not going to transform the characters into cheesy cliche's and pour millions and millions of dollars into CG without considering the plot...

Megaman_nerd2558d ago

like who? This is america you know, most director's would only do a worse job than cameron. XD

Dms20122558d ago

Its Battle Angel, not A Tale of Two Cities, get a grip.

Crazay2558d ago

LOL!! Well played DMS

There's probably not a better person out there to bring something like Battle Angel to the big screen than James Cameron. The man has some incredibly impressive technology that would fit a movie like this.