'Ringer' Season Finale: EP Talks Bridget's 'Really Huge' Confession

THR Live Feed:
Executive Producer Pam Veasey teases The CW show's season-ending reveals and looks back at how the show could have been different.

After The CW’s Ringer revealed that Andrew’s (Ioan Gruffudd) ex-wife Catherine (Andrea Roth) was behind much of the murderous intrigue surrounding Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Siobhan, the season finale moves on to resolving the twin sisters’ themes for the season -- well definitely at least one of them will. Bridget will end her search for redemption by coming clean on her real identity on Tuesday’s season finale.

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alycakes3204d ago

This is one show that has been really good...I hope this finale isn't the end.

alycakes3200d ago

I saw the finale and it was sad....not just for her but for almost everyone involved...don't know if they're going to bring it back so who knows if they will leave us hanging.