Michael Douglas Is Taking A Trip To 'Last Vegas'

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If there has been one emerging trend in the past year or so, it's that audiences like seeing old people do stuff normally associated with young people. So far, it's mostly be relegated to action fare like "Red" and "The Expendables" (which are both getting sequels) but now a bunch of geriatrics are gonna bust loose Vegas style in an upcoming comedy, with an award winning celebrated star leading the way.

Michael Douglas has joined "Last Vegas" a comedy in the style of "The Hangover" that Jon Turtletaub ("National Treasure," "Cool Runnings") has been cooking up since last fall. Penned by "Crazy Stupid Love" writer Dan Fogleman (with Adam Brooks and Alan Yang doing recent drafts), the story revolves around four 60-something dudes who head to Las Vegas for the bachelor party of the last of their group to get married. (Get the pun!?)

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alycakes2558d ago

Sounds funny enough but I won't run to see it.