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Mark Ruffalo Joins Bennett Miller's 'Foxcatcher' With Steve Carell & Channing Tatum

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The saying goes that you gotta keep your eyes on the prize, and for director Bennett Miller that has certainly been true for "Foxcatcher." The long developing project was one he had hoped to tackle after "Capote," but he wound up helming last year's Best Picture nominee "Moneyball" instead. Not bad as far as consolation prizes go. But with the heat off that, he's been re-building the film. Last fall, Steve Carell and Channing Tatum both came on board, and now, an indie veteran is lining up for what is turning out to be a very promising cast.

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alycakes3351d ago

I like Mark Ruffalo but I have to admit that I never paid that much attention to him until lately. I guess that's the curse of playing a superhero like the Hulk. Now when I see him that's what I think of. I still respect his other acting roles but I can't get that out of my head.