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Top Ten Directors To Take Over Batman After 'The Dark Knight Rises'

We’re just thirteen and a half weeks from the release of The Dark Knight Rises, the final Batman film in director Christopher Nolan’s critically acclaimed blockbuster franchise. What a lot of people still might not realize is, this isn’t just Nolan’s final Batman film in the franchise, this new movie will literally end the existing Batman series completely. No more sequels, no more stories about this particular Batman and Joker and so on.

While we all eagerly anticipate The Dark Knight Rises and trade guesses about what’s going to happen in the end, let’s take some time to talk about Batman’s cinematic future. Obviously Warner Bros. will not just stop making Batman films, they will insteadreboot the franchise and build a brand new bat-world on the big screen. So, with Christopher Nolan gone, who will WB turn to? Here are the top ten directors most likely on the list to take over the Batman franchise.

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alycakes3354d ago

Some interesting choices but I can't really say that any of them would have crossed my mind for this.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33353d ago

Ben Affleck - One of the best new directors in Hollywood? I don't think I would go that far. Besides, I don't know if I could watch a Batman set in Boston.

Duncan Jones - Comparing Moon to 2001 Space Oddyssey? What critics are you referencing with such a claim? Besides, it was made in the vain of low budget 70s sci fi, and it was nowhere near as profound as 2001 or great as some would have you believe. Niether was Source Code.

Refn - Not his style at all. Are we just naming popular and trendy directors at this point? How about Terrence Malick? Oh that's right, he doesn't have the appeal of Refn.

Guy Ritchie - God no. Hasn't done enough damage with Sherlock Holmes? This man is a hack.

David Yates - Better, although I can't speak on the matter, haven't seen Harry Potter.

Neil Blomkamp - Not a big enough sampling size. Only one movie to his name. Let's see what he does with Elysium. Again, where the hell is the writer coming up with these names?

Rupert Wyatt - So he directed a DTV movie and a semi-decent installment of Planet of the Apes? Yeah, I can already see WB handing him the keys to their most valued franchise...not.

Darren Aranofsky - He's best working with his own material. I can only see him clashing with the studio big wigs. He's being groomed as an auter, he doesn't need to do exploitation.

Zack Snyder - Let him focus on Superman and give that franchise the attention it deserves. There is no reason it can't be as successful as Batman.

My Top 3:

Alex Proyas - He could give the franchise some much needed visual flare, from the guy who directed Dark City and The Crow. This is familiar territory for him.

Mathew Vaugh - The one director on the list I actually agree with. Kick Ass and X-Men First Class were both brilliant but incredibly flawed. Here's to catching lightning in a bottle.

Joe Wright - He's shown he has legitimate chops with Pride and Prejudice and Atonement, then he drops Hanna on us, an excellent adaptation of the graphic novel. He might not have the hype surrounding him like Duncan Jones or Refn, but he's one of the brightest up and coming directors working today.

Captain Qwark 93352d ago

id agree with mathew....

i wouldnt mind seeing these others give it a go either...

joss whedon = easy choice, even though he is doing the avengers, his work is always top notch.

brad bird = ghost protocol turned out far better than i would have expected, why not give him another shot at a live action film

tim burton = why not let him give it another go? his batman films were great and still stand the test of time. and who knows maybe he would try the riddler with depp

jj abrams = hes very good as well, as long as he stops with the lens flare nonsense ( also super 8 was terrible imo but his other work is great )

Micheal bay = never in a million years should he be considered....granted i love his older stuff, he has sucked my *ss since transformers

alycakes3351d ago

I agree with Defectiv3 Detectiv3's Top 3..those are good choices and Cap Qwark 9...your thoughts on Brad Bird and JJ Abrams were good too...I had forgotten all about Brad Bird..he'd be really good.

I'll bet it will take them a few years to even start up again after this final Christopher Nolan TDKR.