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James Cameron Advised Arnold Schwarzenegger On Fifth 'Terminator'


A year ago, after he ended his role as the Governator and began his action star comeback phase, Arnold Schwarzenegger announced that he was shopping around a new "Terminator" film to the major studios with him back in the lead role.

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Crazay3143d ago

T2 is easily the best movie in the series - I'd love to see James Cameron have some sort of hand in the next movie but as much as it pains me to say, having Arnie in the lead role just doesn't seem to fit anymore. He' not a young man so the only real way I could see it working is if he's a scientist developing the T800s for Skynet and building them in his former likeness.

CPO3142d ago

We totally agree with you. Maybe they (Cameron and Arnie) know that too and will work around it.

Crazay3142d ago

Sadly Cameron is nowhere near the project. And if he were to get on board, nothing would get done on it until what?....2015? Naw too much time.

Reibooi3141d ago

It would probably be later then that to be honest. Cameron has said he wants to shoot the next 2 Avatar movies back and back so that would eat up alot of time(Although to be completely honest I have not been following if or when those are even getting made) and he has been saying for years and years that he wants to do a Battle Angel Alita movie which would likely be next up after the Avatar Sequels and both those things will eat up a ton of time as he has said he would basically need to invent new tech to make Battle Angel(kinda like how he made new Tech to shoot Avatar)

So yeah he wouldn't be doing much on this project anyway.

jony_dols3141d ago

I actually am one of the few that enjoyed T: Salvation. It wasn't exactly Oscar material, but didn't take itself too serious & was good fun. Bring on T5!

DarkBlood3142d ago

well, it shouldnt be too hard compared to putting an entire 1984 face on another bodybuilder

all arnold would really have to do is workout a little bit for his own sake and have some semblance of his old look and let the computer do the rest of the work with digital since that cant be too taxing

and there ya go you get the mighty arnold back in action :P lol sorry its just hes my favourite actor n all

Crazay3142d ago

Oh don't mistake my words for criticisms. I love Arnie and hold him and his movies near and dear to my heart. He was the bigger than life guy I looked up to as a kid.

Kurylo3d3142d ago

u do realize arnold has had open heart surgeory and has had a valve replaced from a donor heart. The steroid abuse hurt him bad.

Somehow I doubt hes even capable of working out to bulk up anymore.

Patriots_Pride3141d ago

Sad that we cant get actors like Arnie anymore - sure the guy did not have the best acting skills in Hollywood but his accent, personality and body size made him a bad a$$ and fun to watch.

SnakeCQC3142d ago

and who's going to advise james cameron?

Kurylo3d3142d ago

james cameron needs no advising lol.

terminator 1 and 2 were awesome... 3 was shit, and 4 was decent, but not a terminator film for sure lol..

Everything james cameron touches turns to gold... aliens, terminator 2, titanic, avatar...

jony_dols3141d ago

Some of my all-time favorite flicks were made by Jim Cameron, but there is something cheesy about the majority of his films. Whether it's Avatar's blatant pro-environmentalism, Arnie as a father figure in T2, Titanic's over-the-top romanticism...ect.

He ain't perfect, but damn, does he do action well!

Kurylo3d3141d ago

whats wrong with environmentalism? lol

SpiffyWhatWhat3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Hollywood where original ideas go to die. I swear directors/producers are serious cashing in on the nostalgia factor. I love James Cameron's work but seriously a FIFTH terminator, come on. Well we the american people vote with our dollars and this is what we get.
Yes, I am prepared the hate I might get for this comment.

chukamachine3141d ago

I want a new aliens with the graphics from avatar.

krazykombatant3141d ago

As long as it keeps up with the future. I don't want to see it going back to the 80s. Been there done that.

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