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Emily Blunt To Say 'All You Need Is Kill' With Tom Cruise; Top Contender For 'Thin Man'

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Tom Cruise is back baby, and the actor hasn't been slowing down for a second, eager to strike with the moment is still hot. But a side-story to his recent string of movies has been the bevy of beauties he's lined up to star with. Paula Patton and Lea Seydoux prowled "Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol"; Olga Kurylenko and Andrea Riseborough feature in "Oblivion" and Rosamund Pike stars in "One Shot." And another talented, and yes attractive, lead is lining up for Cruise's next big screen undertaking.

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alycakes3282d ago

Emily Blunt is one of the actors that I actually thought would be great as Nora Charles in the Thin Man movie...she has all the qualities of that character.