Julianne Moore In Talks To Play ‘Carrie’s Psycho Mother

Bloody Disgusting says

Back in the original 1976 adaptation of Carrie, Piper Laurie played Margaret White (above), the insane mother of poor Carrie. While it turns out she was right on the money, Margaret was an insanely abusive parent that further drove Carrie into the film’s climactic events. What actress carries enough prowess to take on such a emotional role in the Kimberly Peirce-directed reboot.

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Crazay2562d ago

|This would be another huge win for this movie. Casting Chloe Moretz as Carrie is incredible. Casting Julianne Moore would be the cherry on top. She's such a good actress - she'd easily be able to play the part of the controlling mother.

alycakes2561d ago

Carrie's mom was totally crazy completely off her rocker. Julianne Moore could pull that off and it would be good.