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Project-Blu: Hugo 3D Blu-ray Review

Project-blu Writes: Hugo is a movie that just brings back an era of importance to cinema's history. Ben Kingsley is magnificent playing the fictional role of a legendary filmmaker, George Melies. I personally don’t see how this is a children’s movie since the pace of the film is constantly slow. The picture takes quite awhile to get a major flow and I don’t see how children will be entertained with a history lesson from 1902. This is a movie for anyone who is interested in film, wants to be part of filmmaking or is a movie buff. Hugo to me is about a trip down memory lane rather than two young children running around a police station. The 3D is by far one of the best I’ve seen on Blu-ray 3D especially for the live-action films. Hugo 3D is a must own and must watch for anyone who supports or would love to learn an important artifact in movie making.

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dragon823349d ago

I just bought this movie today. I have heard very good things about the 3D and the movie in general.