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Finally, Some Good ‘RoboCop’ News: Ed Norton, Sean Penn And Others Circling

Bloody Disgusting says

Jose Padilha’s RoboCop has been the subject of some recent pre-production PR gaffes, such as lead actor Joel Kinnaman telling MTV to expect this Robocop to be “more human” and that “you’re going to see his eyes.” While such changes might prove not to be so misguided in the context of the final film, the general idea of such a daringly classic film being remade in today’s studio environment has many fans of the original concerned. How can they possibly hope to match the original? While we won’t know the answer until we see the film, it’s a nice surprise to hear that there’s actually a pretty great supporting cast being considered.

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3352d ago
krazykombatant3352d ago

Sean penn can go piss off. Stupid hypocritical ass.

Crazay3352d ago

I don't have any issue with Sean Penn or Edward Norton being in this movie I just can't see what kind of good Penn would bring to the table.

frelyler3352d ago

Looking back at all the satirical commercials made for this movie I can't help but become depressed. You see, the commercials in the movies which were meant to be over the top and so far out there they are funny have become the commercials of reality. Seriously, watch the original Robocop then go on the net and look up some commercials. The real life ones top the make believe ones. Oh what a sad little world we live in.

Crazay3352d ago

"I'd buy that for a dollar! AHAHAHAH"