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New Theatrical Poster For The Amazing Spider-Man Debuts


Check out the brand new IMAX poster for the highly anticipated reboot from Marc Webb featuring perhaps our best look at Spidey yet.

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Soldierone3349d ago

WAY better than the one that's out there now. I will be buying this one for sure, no doubt!

DarkBlood3349d ago

yeah agreed though i like that red ish one the last time it was showned here if you know what im talking about

but i also like the one in the thumbnail as well

Crazay3348d ago

despite what all the hardcore spidey fans are saying i see nothing wrong or off about the suite aside from the shoes. I read something recently that Marc Webb was talking about the costume and how it looks like some kid made it with his own sewing machine. I can't see it. it looks about as professional as i could imagine.