'The Dark Knight Rises' Star Tom Hardy Talks About Playing Bane


When Christopher Nolan asked Tom Hardy to play the villain in his third and final Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, due July 20, the director doted on one job requirement in particular: the budding star would have to wear a mask that looked like a leathery baboon mouth with metal casings for fangs – a sort of steampunk respirator as fashioned by Francis Bacon. “I think he worried it would be something I might not consider because wearing a mask might damage my career or something. He thought I’d be worried that the audience couldn’t see my beautiful face,” says Hardy, who also worked for Nolan in the filmmaker’s 2010 Oscar-nominated smash Inception. “Like I care. It’s Chris Nolan! I would wear a paper bag over my head for that man.”

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gaden_malak3354d ago

First time I've seen that photo of Bane holding a picture of Dent.

Crazay3354d ago

Really? that was one of the first real pictures from the set. It wasn't in that kind of quality but it's a fairly old image.

gaden_malak3354d ago

I probably have seen it but never noticed he was holding the picture.