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Iron Man 3 Will Be Co-Produced In China


Marvel has issued the following press release, revealing that the movie will be co-produced in China. This also confirms that a big part of the film is set to be shot there, perhaps making an appearance from the Mandarin all the more likely.

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Soldierone3350d ago

Not sure how I feel about this. Sure the filming in China makes sense, but personally I see absolutely no need to pull in a Chinese company to produce and make a movie guarenteed to make millions of dollars.

I think its mostly the fact companies do this in the merchanidse world to exploit profit. When in reality they could be making stuff here and providing jobs here and still make money fine. That weary feeling that something similar is happening here is what makes me question the decision.

Crazay3349d ago

It's all about cutting costs dude...Perhaps it's because a large portion of it is going to be in China and they need to keep the authenticity of the area/surroundings.

Soldierone3349d ago

Yeah its where I'm confused. If its for authenticity, i can see an argument.

However simply cutting costs....absolutely shameful. Disney/ Paramount is massive, this game will be massive, no need to cut costs.

Soldierone3349d ago

Lol game...i meant movie, my bad and I can't edit it now.

sealava3349d ago

so we should expect a lot of 'flying' over the roofs.