Weekend Report: Four-in-a-Row for 'The Hunger Games'

Box Office Mojo:
Male moviegoers were split between the three new releases this weekend, which allowed the female-skewing Hunger Games to take the top spot at the box office for the fourth-consecutive frame. Among the new movies, The Three Stooges fared best, though The Cabin in the Woods also had a decent showing. Lockout, on the other hand, didn't even reach the modest levels of other recent Luc Besson productions. Without any breakout opener, the Top 12's estimated $107.7 million gross was off eight percent from the same weekend last year.

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alycakes2964d ago

I'm so glad but I'm not surprised. I'm sure some people are but it's held it's own about a week longer then expected. It's made twice as much then expected for the short time it's been out so it's still has a way to go. I plan of seeing it one more time before it leaves the theater....

DarkBlood2964d ago

why not wait for the blu-ray or dvd release :P at this rate it sounds like your paying close to 100 dollars lol

alycakes2964d ago

I just like to see them on the big just doesn't seem like the same movie when you watch it at home on a smaller tv screen.

2963d ago