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Director Joss Whedon Says 'The Avengers' Blu-ray/DVD Will Have 30 Minutes of Deleted Scenes

The Collider:
With director Joss Whedon‘s The Avengers opening around the world in the coming weeks, over the past three days, Marvel and Walt Disney held a massive worldwide press junket here in Los Angeles and I got to speak with almost the entire cast in addition to Whedon. While I’ll be saving the interviews until closer to release (which is May 4 in America), I wanted to post a bit of what Whedon told me today. That’s because Whedon revealed The Avengers Blu-ray/DVD will have 30 minutes of deleted scenes and that his first cut was three hours! Hit the jump for more.

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alycakes3815d ago

Good...I'll be sure to get the special edition if there is one and I'm sure there will be one.

Soldierone3815d ago

I'd thought it would have more....

I'm also expecting a lot out of this blu-ray too. it better have special features about the comic books, the origins, Marvel, and most importantly the after credit scenes of each character. If it doesn't come close to offering any of that I won't buy it.

alycakes3814d ago

I think it will have a lot of extras and a lot of the behind the scenes stuff with the actors and how everything was done. When I bought the special edition of Serenity....I was so happy when I got to see all the extra stuff it had on the extra disk.

Soldierone3814d ago

Yeah, but to me thats pretty standard for a movie especially like this. But this is The Avengers, a movie they have been leading up to for years and is massive for the comic book world. They should do more is what I'm saying.

Heck even do something special with Stan Lee. You have so many comic books here that to me would seem absolutely stupid to ignore the possibilites for the extras.

DarkBlood3814d ago

do you guys think this extra 30 minutes will be in the form of a extened film versus a theatrical version option like most blu-rays may have

for example like cowboys vs Aliens?

Soldierone3814d ago

I think with such length it has to be something like that. I dont really seem them putting in a half hour "deleted scenes" bonus feature.

At least I hope its that.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33814d ago

So what you're telling us is that you aren't releasing a complete film?

JL3814d ago

All movies make cuts. Every film you've ever watched it "incomplete" in that it was edited down and had scenes removed. It's just he couldn't put out a 3hr long movie. They always shoot more than is really going to be in the movie. That way they have more than enough to use and are able to use what works and what doesn't. Sometimes things just don't work when you get in there in the editing room. Not to mention, with studios have control over final cut, sometimes there are things they just won't let the director get away with (like a 3hr movie in this case).

Defectiv3_Detectiv33814d ago

I know, I just find it funny that we are talking about the blu ray and the movie hasn't even had a theatrical release yet. Like, you aren't exactly making a strong case for me to check it out in theaters...

archemides5183814d ago

98% of things that get cut from a movie, usually are cut for good reasons. this is why the "definite version"/director's cut of the lord of the rings movies are the theatrical versions as stated by peter jackson himself.

MinimeJer053814d ago

Can't wait for the Director's Cut.

alycakes3813d ago

Either way it doesn't matter...I know I'm seeing the movie and I know I'm buying the movie...nothing else makes a difference..It's going to be the best movie ever!