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Bully Review - Movies Hate You Too

Movies Hate You Too writes:

Over the past few weeks Bully hysteria has taken hold across America. Sadly the hysteria has less to do with the film’s goal of ending bullying and more to do with the amount of swearing and the rating that follows. In an ironic twist of fate The Weinstein Company who is releasing Bully and the MPAA Rating Board have been locked in a bullying match of their own as each tries to browbeat the other into submission. After weeks of the MPAA trying to protect the ears and tender sensibilities of America’s youth and the Weinstein’s and their anti-bullying partners lobbying for a rating that would allow kids to see the film without parental supervision a compromise was reached… cut some of the language and receive a lower rating. Now the question is whether the hoopla over the rating was worth it or was it just a clever smokescreen designed to increase ticket sales?

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